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1-2-1, 1-2-2 Open Water lessons or Wild Swim Adventure

Open water 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 lessons and Wild Swim adventures are available from May to October.

These can be tailor made to suit each swimmer and can focus either on stroke technique or open water skills depending on the swimmers aims & objectives for the season.

Areas we can look at include:

Kit : such as choosing the right wetsuit, putting on the wetsuit correctly, google choice.

Skills: Mass starts, sighting, navigation, adapting to an open water stroke, breathing pattern, turning around buoys.

Safety : relating to racing & training

Event Preparation – discuss preparation for your event & the correct training to do.

Wetsuit hire available

Please feel free to drop me an email  at info@sleekerswim to book a lesson or for more information.

Open water 1-2-1 = £55 for 1 hr 15 min session including theory & practical session

Open water 1-2-2 = £70 for 1 hr 20 min session including theory & practical session

Wild Swim adventure Swim = £75 (2 swimmers), £90 (3 swimmers) for 1hr 30 min swim including tow floats.

This involves starting our Wild Swim at the beautiful Fell foot park at the bottom of Windermere and involves a swim down the lake towards the river Kent.  Previous swimmers who have taken a guided swim are always amazed at the scenery and wildlife. If you are really lucky, you might also see the old steam train pass through the trees at the side of the lake on it journey to Lakeside – quite an impressive sight!

We start our morning with a quick briefing about the plan for the morning. Once everyone is suited and booted we will head on our journey from Fell Foot Park. The Swim distance can be tailored to the swimmers and there are options of 1500m to 2500m. Tow floats will be provided, the depth varies along the swim and there are plenty of options to stand or tread water with your tow float if you fancy a rest from swimming :-)